Food List

For organisation of IC cooking and who's bringing what to the table, also incorporating snacks.

Food Items

Angela: A block of fudge + peanut butter and oatmeal cookies (intending to bring)


Judith can cook one night. This link is the Oxford Uni re-enactment society food page (from a friend who is one of them). http://wychwood.wikidot.com/recipe-book It has some good recipes. I was thinking of trying the Veggie stew or Veggie Dahl - any preferences? (Definitely the stew? ~Chaos)

Sharon can also cook one night. Plan is apparently some sort of stew-like thing, with chicken for meat-eaters and veg for non-meat-eaters. “Trust me, I can cook!” ~Sharon
Also some cheese and bread etc. for the IC tent.

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