House d'Acier

An ancient noble house on the borders of Semmerholm and the Barrens, long standing in defence of Dawn from the barbarian tribes, House d'Acier is often a staging point for Knights Errant heading into the Barrens to undergo their Tests of Mettle.

Unfortunately, as the heir-presumptive and a number of younger nobles accompanied a party of Knights Errant on the first stage of their journey into the Barrens, tracking a party of orcs who had ransacked a nearby village, tragedy struck. A larger band of barbarians took this opportunity and struck at Castle d'Acier, slaying the old Earl and her court. The adventuring party returned just too late, catching the barbarian horde as they were finishing up the slaughter. The barbarians were swiftly slain, but the damage was done.

The young heir and his companions must now take control of the House d'Acier, and restore it to its former Glory.

Why play in this group?

You want to be in a group with a strong IC and OC drive to ensure everyone is having fun. You want to play young, brash characters thrust into the roles of more senior nobles. You want to be glorious and be a shining example You want to be involved in heavily recruiting IC, through tests of Mettle and of Ardour.

What roles are available?

Knights, both Noble and upon Errantry. Troubadours Any other Dawnish concept could be made to fit easily. Changelings, Naga and pure humans all welcome, other lineages dependent on character concept.

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