Out of Character Social Contract

This document should be considered to be the “ground rules” of the group.

The First Rule

* Everyone should work to ensure that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves, and support each other with the game that they wish to play

Group Administration

* Dominic Sharrock is designated as OOC-admin for the group, and wiki-admin
* Should Dominic's character leave play, a new OOC-admin will be appointed - this will be discussed further at the time.
* If any issues arise regarding the behaviour of another group member, Dominic is happy to be approached in confidence. Should the issues be regarding Dominic, either Racheet or Doug are happy to be approached in confidence.
* All queries regarding the OOC Social Contract, or any other issue, should be directed to Dominic.


* If you wish to join the group as a new character, please contact Dominic
* Dominic will then contact all current group members before ratifying membership. We operate a “black bead” system in regards to joining the group as a new character - should any current members have an objection to a potential new member, this can be raised anonymously with Dominic.
* Dominic will inform you of the result of the group discussion, either way. Should objections be raised, anonymous feedback may be given.
* If you think you may wish to join the group as a backup character, it would be helpful if you could make contact with Dominic before hand.
* If you find yourself wishing to generate a new character into the group during an event, please speak to Dominic. He will make a provisional call on membership, which will then be ratified as soon as possible. You should be aware that your new character may still be black-beaded between the event where you join in play and the next event, and in this case the group will expect you to retire your character before its second event.
* IC recruitment (through tests of mettle, ardour, etc.) will be facilitated through IC means. It is likely that should your character wish to join the group, and ask for a test of mettle/ardour, that one will issued at the subsequent event.


* The group will operate on a “knives outwards” basis.
* There is a general expectation that characters within the group should be able to trust, support and work with each other.
* Plotting against the group or other characters within in is not acceptable.
* Generating a character within the group with the intention of working to undermine the group is not acceptable.

IC Resources

* The distribution of IC resources within the group will be considered an IC issue for discussion. In general, expect that approximately half of your personal resource income will be distributed to the group.

OOC Logistics

* There is a general expectation that everyone should, if at all possible, help in the setting up and taking down of the IC camp
* Likewise, everyone should help out as much as possible around camp, for example in food preparation, dishwashing, fetching water, and the like.
* Camp responsibilities should not impact on gameplay. For example, you wouldn't be expected to miss a senate meeting, tourney or the like because the washing up needs doing.
* Dominic is planning for there to be two IC meals per day, at least on the full festival days. These currently stand at being breakfast, and one other meal per day.
* It would therefore be exceptionally helpful if all new players would make an entry on the Dietary Requirements page.
* Group consumables (food, ice, batteries, and the like) will be funded by cash contributions BEFORE the event. Dominic will be in contact regarding this. If there is any excess money for any reason, this will go towards group kit.

The Seventh Rule

* Do Not Take The Piss

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