Imperial Battle Anthem

I am the spear that's swift to strike in anger
I am the shield that turns all foes away
I am the walls raised high against the darkness
Standing fast until the day.

One voice, one people and one Empire
One throne and one loyalty
One will to drive us ever onward
One glorious destiny!

I am the iron quarried from the mountains
Forged in fire till only steel remains
I am the wind that gives the Empire breath and life
I am the quick blood in its veins.


I am the flame that burns inside the Empire's heart
I am the earth's great bones, steadfast and sure
I am the bonds that hold us fast in fellowship
That forever will endure

Chorus, twice

OOC Notes: Lyrics by Daisy and Jude. Tune is very roughly based on Debochadan by Severa Nazarkhan, from her album Sen

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