Erica Weaver – A yeoman (daughter of a weaver and tailor) who dreams of being a lord but is far too cowardly (at least in battle). Trained and served under the previous seneschal but as he was middle aged, it seemed to Erica unlikely she would ever rise to that level. Longing for better status, she looked to join a weaver cabel. However, the day she was suppose to join the cabel as a full member and tell the head seneschal of her decision, was the day the castle was attacked. Erica had just entered her superior’s office when the alarm was raised. The seneschal ordered her to flee and find Lord Raymond and the younger Lords and alert them to the attack. When she returned with the Lords, she saw the body of the seneschal in the hallway outside his office, it was clear that he had died to give her time to escape. Now the highest ranking seneschal left, she sent a letter to the cabel explaining what had happened and why she must remain to help restore D’Acier to its former glory.

Skills: Chirurgeon, magician, extra spell – entangle, artisian I can change this, I'm mostly going for defensive. Resource: Forest depending on how we want to play the background of the House.

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