Hymn of the Glorious Warrior

[To be completed]

Original Lyrics and OOC Notes

Words and Music by Manowar

Filk by Dominic

A hero was he Touching all our lives As if he lived and died In a single moment

Great were his deeds All his words were true He lived and died A man of honor

He paid with his life For his life was the price To pass the gates immortal

Thy journey begins With sword in the wind Stay thy hand rest thy command For odin's call was heard above them all Thy name shall never die!

Long shall we remember He who walked the road of danger Master of revenge Death's no stranger

Blood and death lived on his sword The god of war his only lord Into the depths of hell Go all he fell

Take thy shield take thy sword All thy weapons to the sky Ye shall need them when odin bid thee rise

For none but the brave Shall rise up from the grave To see the valkyries fly

And so it was by the hand of odin Did the immortal warrior pass through The gates of valhalla and into legend.

Rise brother rise pass valhalla's gates Here great warriors await

Reborn from thy steel All thy wounds be healed

From the earth to the sky Now the son of odin rise!

Take thy place among the kings For thy soul shall never die!

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