Lady Cienna d'Acier

Also goes by: The Golden Knight of Legend, Knight of the Sunrise Pass, Knight of Conquest and Victory, Aurelian Knight of Triumph and The Golden Changeling.

Cienna, the golden changeling, was born of the former Knight of Victory in house d'Acier. Named after the troubadour Cien, her parents wished for her to become a famous troubadour and scribe. Having grown up with glorious tales of battle and living on the edge of the Barrens, Cienna quickly realised that true glory was won in battle.

After her mother's gruesome death by the hands of barbarians laying in ambush, she demanded a test of mettle from the Earl. She wanted to prove that her skills was worthy of a noble, and to avenge her mother's death. The earl set her the task of recovering her mother's armour from the barbarians that killed her.

Shortly after she mastered the task and became a noble, the house was overrun with barbarians that killed the earl and the older household. It is now up to her and the remainder of the nobles in the household to regain the house's lost glory. One day she might even become as magnificent a fighter as her mother.

Cienna has joined a group of questing knights to seek glory in battle. She goes wherever the battles lead her, but takes care to visit home regularly, often bringing back spoils from her quests. Her dream is to give both her and her house a permanent place in history.

Much like her mother, Cienna is a vision in battle. With a flowing, green dress, a delicate, golden circlet and hair shining like the brilliant, golden sun she was born under she is always easy to spot. Seemingly unafraid she strides into battle with her companions at her side, eliminating the enemies and slowly gaining the glory and skill she so desires.

Character Build: 3 Hero points (3), Cleave (1), Second Wind (2), Shield(2)

Resource: Mana Site

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