Lady Eleanor d'Acier, Knight of the Watchtower, is a changeling knight of House d'Acier.

Like many girls growing up on or around d'Acier lands, she was named partly for Elaine d'Acier, founder of the Knights of the Sunrise Pass. Her name is also a reference to her uncle Raynor, a yeoman-born Knight-Errant who died in a skirmish with orcs in the Barrens while attempting to complete a Test of Mettle for the house.

His younger brother Ansel backed down from requesting a Test of Mettle after receiving the news, and instead worked towards taking care of the lands west of the Sunrise Pass, becoming one of those responsible for the guarding and upkeep of the road between Roland's Grant and the Sunrise Keep. He married and had a child, Eleanor, in 354 YE. From a young age she would often help out those ferrying goods and messages to and from the Keep. She became a regular face to the workers at the manor and a friend and playmate of the children of the House, mainly because the impulsiveness granted to her by an early-manifesting changeling lineage led her to seek them out because of course they'd want to play with her.

Her presence was at first tolerated by the tutors and retainers of the House, then accepted, and as she grew older, she would sometimes be roped in to assist with hunts or act as a sparring partner for the young nobles. She showed an aptitude for fighting where Raymond and Geoffrey showed talent in magic, and it seemed only natural that she would take a Test of Mettle to join them in the House when she came of age.

She joined a small group of Knights-Errant marching into The Barrens for various Tests of Mettle in 374 YE. Hers was to recapture a strategic tower on a wooded cliff near Drycastle that had long been inhabited by orcs. The group returned several months later with various heroic stories, including the tale of how they scaled the cliff and the walls of the tower at night, then at the rising of the sun (due to 'fortunate timing', Eleanor will insist), Eleanor blew a horn from the top of the tower and led the band as they drove the orcs from the tower top down. The tower is now an outpost back in Dawnish hands, and her horn sits in its Atrium.

She was accompanying Lord Raymond when the attack hit Sunrise Keep, and fought viciously to drive the orcs back out. Her father survived the attack, helping to douse the flames of Roland's Grant.

Stats: Weapon Master - 2, Hero Points - 1, Shattering Blow - 1, Endurance - 2, Unstoppable - 2

Since the attack on the castle, Lady Eleanor has taken it upon herself to get involved in the running of the castle guard barracks and making sure the castle is adequately protected. She has recruited a new force from Roland's Grant and the surrounding villages, and hopes to train them to become even stronger a force than the Keep had previously.

Resource: Military Unit

Lady Eleanor fell in the First Battle for Skarsind, during the Winter Solstice of 376YE.

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