Lady Rosaline d'Acier


Rosaline is a Troubadour of Pride, giving instruction in following the Way of the Seven Virtues in a church a little way outside the walls of the Sunrise Keep. She's also a Briar, and her lineage is one of the things she is most Proud of.

Rosaline came to House d'Acier a few years ago, having grown up with House Novarion. Her younger sister, Igraine (draughir surgeon with a dodo, played by Megan Williams aka porange), is still with House Novarion. On reaching the point in her life where she wished to take her Test of Mettle, Rosaline felt that she didn't quite fit in with House Novarion, and so came to House d'Acier and Earl Genevieve. As she was already dedicated to the virtue of Pride, when she asked Earl Genevieve for a Test of Mettle she was asked to show why she was Proud of her deeds and her skills. Pride in her combat skills was demonstrated by challenging some of the knights of the House to single combat, Pride in her dedication to the Way and the Virtues was shown by setting up her church and giving spiritual instruction for several months there.

The final part of the Test of Mettle was to show her Pride in her lineage. When asked to show this, Rosaline went away and came back a few days later with her face marked with a large patch of bark on the left cheek which hadn't been there before. She then explained that her lineage was part of who she was, she was Proud to be that and so chose to show her Pride by openly wearing the signs of her blood no matter what distrust and prejudice she might face for it.

Build: Weapons Master, Dedication, Anointing, Testimony, Hallow, Insight.

Resource: Congregation

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