Vivienne de Carsenere

A changeling with skills in both magical and mundane healing. She was brought up in a weaver Cabal near the edge of the barrens close to Summerholm. During her early teenage years she watched many knights errants on their tests of mettle from many noble houses across Dawn. Many of these young knight errants never returned. After a time Vivienne grew restless and found the courage to ask the house of d'Acier for a test of her own. The Earl set her the task of healing 20 knights errants using mundane or magical methods. It took Vivienne to many parts of Dawn and the occupied Barrens in order to heal so many successfully. While in the Barrens Vivienne came across a pair of young cambions named Tristram and Escalados whom were attempting to complete a test of mettle set by Hagan de Carsenere. Vivienne cured both knights errant and established a friendship that helped her complete her test of mettle.

After a time Vivienne and Escalados decided to ask Tristram who had recently become the earl of house de Carsenere for a test of ardour. Vivienne then performed the ritual of 'strength of the bull' on Tristram to prove that she could do more than heal as requested. In 375YE Vivienne and Escalados married and Vivienne joined House de Carsenere.

Vivienne fought in Skarsind in which she helped to heal many Dawnish warriors as well as warriors from Wintermark and a few Imperial Orcs. During the heat of the fighting she became cut off from the front lines including a great many of Houses d'Acier and de Carsenere. She was greatly sad to learn of the losses of many she cared about and became determined that she would help forge a stronger alliance between the two houses so that they could stand strong within the nation of Dawn.

Character build: Magician (2), Chirugon (1),Physick (3) Heal (1), Summer Lore (1)

Resource: Herb garden near Drycastle

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