Lord Agravaine d'Acier, Knight of the Blade

Named for his grandfather, a member of a long line of smith's the served the d'Acier household. Earl Genevieve's predecessor, Earl Gregory the Mithril Blade, as a reward for the family's long service to the house adopted Agravaine's youngest when she was born, a girl named Marguerite. In due time she passed her Test of Mettle. She later married Lord Tristan d'Acier (of House d'Glas before he passed his Test of Ardour) and gave birth to Agravaine.

Agravaine was always close to the other children of the house but had a particular fondness for his cousin Raymond, being as they were only a year apart in age (Agravaine being the younger). Like many of the current generation, Agravaine born the marks of changeling lineage, though not as strongly as others. Being a born fighter - as opposed to Raymond and Geoffry who favoured magics - his test of mettle was to endure through a progressive gauntlet of the previous generation's knights in combat. This he achieved and became a Lord of House d'Acier. His chosen rune was Verys, the rune born by Earl Gregory and one that had a tradition of being born by the 'bodyguards' (for lack of a better term) of previous Earls.

His father died in a sortie with Orcs when he was 9, his mother fell in The Battle of Sunrise keep.

Character build: Shield (2), 3 Hero Points (1+2), Cleave (1), Second Wind (2) (am still umming and aahing over Second Wind vs Unstoppable, leaning towards the former)

Resource: Either military unit or mine (given his family history)

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