Peter de Vorsh is a Knight Errant, on a Test of Mettle long established by house d'Acier, the Test of Brothers Blood

Peter came to the House a year ago, and was studying with Master Niles, a skilled yeoman apothecary of the house. When the barbarians struck at house d'Acier, Peter was escorting the Lord Raymond as a precaution. He has inherited Niles's herb garden and workshop, which he is not sure what to do with, having not completed his training as an Apothecary.

But this is a challenge to be met as a son of the Dawn, with skill, Courage, and the Vigilance to ensure that young Earl d'Acier does not get himself killed. And should the Path lead him to the completion of his Test, he will stand proud as an adopted child of the reborn house.

Rather aggressive for a healer, Peter is likely to fight close behind his Earl, watching his back and striking out where needed. Given that he is needed more in the aftermath than the battle itself, he will need to learn patience and restraint to survive to complete his Test.

Peter de Vorsh, Knight Errant in service to Houce D'Acier, of the Dawn (sword, armour, buckler skills = free) Chirugeon = 1 Physick = 3 Shield use = 2 Hero Points (2) = 1 Stay With Me = 1

Vorsh is a small market town west of the d'Acier castle. Part of the d'Acier lands, it was run for them by Peters grandfather, a retired knight from the Dawn 2nd army, until his death years ago. As Peters father had fallen on a quest, Vorsh is currently run for the house by Peter's mother.

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